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STAAD.Pro 2002 Demo Version 

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STAAD.Pro 2002 Demo Version 

From : http://www.reiworld.com
Version :  2002 
Update : July 28, 2001
File Size : 69.5 MB
License : Demo
Categorie : New/Design
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OS (Operating System) :
WIN 95/98/ME/2000





Program Description :

STAAD.Pro addresses all the production needs of the structural engineering office.  STAAD.Pro core facilities include Model Generation, Static and Dynamic Analysis, Steel and Concrete Design.

The STAAD.Pro Design Studio is a powerful Windows native working environment for model building, analysis, design, visualization and result verification.

The STAAD engine provides general-purpose structural analysis and design that has been the worldwide industry-standard for the past two decades.

The optional add-on STAAD.Pro Design Studio module is STAAD.etc.  STAAD.etc is a suite of over 15 structural component design modules which may be used to design Foundations, Retaining Walls, Masonry and other utility structures.

STAAD.Pro brings you the latest in today's software technology.  Powerful and comprehensive, STAAD.Pro is the result of REI's more than twenty years experience in the Structural Engineering software industry.

-STAAD.Pro - QSE (file qse.zip, 5425 KB) ѺǹŴ

ѹҡ http://ci-net.co.za/englogic/downloads.htm Ѻ


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        Locate : USA
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  STAAD.Pro 2002
  STAAD.Pro QSE 5.42 MB

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